Welcome to Agri Answers, a resource for reliable answers about food safety, agricultural practices, and general tips and resources from an actual food safety expert, veterinarian, and farmer.

My goal is to provide a hub where you can learn everything agricultural; from Animal and Food Safety to Forestry and Farming.

My Expertise

So why should you trust me? Here’s a bit more about my background:

  • Food Safety: I’ve worked as a regional food safety director for a Northern European Food Safety Agency for 15+ years, which has included¬†diagnosing and treating disease, managing surveillance programs, and inspecting animals, slaughterhouses, and food products.
  • Veterinarian: I have a degree of Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine, which is the basis of my expertise in food safety. I also own and care for a whole lot of different animals, ranging from pets to farm animals.
  • Agricultural Practices: I own and manage farm and forest land since 10+ years, and focus primarily on forestry and farm animal practices.